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I like that question. But I would put an additional twist to it. The gods that are worshipped are not the gods themselves but incomplete and biased descriptions of these gods made by human beings. So the question becomes, which god do you worship, and how different from the actual god is the god that you worship (assuming here of course that every description of a god corresponds to an actual deity).
Faith / Re: faith needed
« Last post by laurent on September 19, 2012, 06:40:13 AM »
Good point Andre, mankind has an appetite for the sublime, which has been traditionally satisfied by religion and worship. I think that a few thousand years ago, that might have been the most efficient and effective way to do so. But is that still true today?

Our understanding of the universe is surely not complete but it is much deeper than it was even just a couple of hundred years ago. We understand such things as DNA, quantum physics, relativity, we have discovered beautiful mathematical truths. We understand much more our place and impact in nature. All this knowledge is accessible to anybody, anywhere in the world. Can the beauty of what we know and understand not satisfy our need for absolute and truth that is currently satisfied by religion? Should it?
Religion / Re: What briefly is written in the Quran
« Last post by laurent on September 19, 2012, 06:26:13 AM »
That's an interesting post. But isn't religion mostly about laws and rules, as well as the consequences for not following them? In my opinion, the Big Three religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) are. I do not know enough about other religions to make a more widespread generalization, but it seems to me to be a cornerstone of religion.
Another interesting point that you bring is the love vs destruction side of religion. You speak of Jesus' words but I think most religions incorporate a peaceful message. On the other hand religions also incorporate a lot of violence that seems from another age. Just an example from each of the Big Three: the bible talks about killing a child that talks back to his parents (Matthew 15:1-6)... The Torah (Deut 20:16-18) about killing men, women and children (and animals as well, if taken literally), and the Quran about beheading non believers and cutting off their fingers (Surah 8:12).
How do you know when to follow the peaceful message or the violent one? If you must make your own choices then does religion fail at its role to lay out laws and rules?
Religion / Re: What briefly is written in the Quran
« Last post by Andre on September 18, 2012, 10:00:49 PM »
  Latifchaudherry has written an informative piece on Islam. And while I respect his views about his religion, I also respect the views that others have of their religious beliefs.
             The problem that religions present is not their beliefs but those who practice these beliefs.Mankind has killed and persecuted each other because of religion from the dawn of time, while at the same time claiming love or the worship of a loving God. Muslims and Christians especially have tended to ppersecute those who do not follow the teachings. 
              If religious people of whatever faith would follow Jesus' teachings that we should love our God,  and our neighbour as ourselves.  We would spend more time on doing good and less time on hurting others.God is Love . Whatever name we may give that love. The important thing is to practice the things of Love. Mankind is unable to practice true love so he replaces it with silly laws and rules as an excuse to oppress others.
Religion / What briefly is written in the Quran
« Last post by latifchaudhery on September 18, 2012, 08:52:24 PM »
The Qur’an presents
A living and Lasting God (2:256)
The Lord of all creation (1:2)
The Gracious, the Merciful (1:3)
The Almighty (29:43)
All-hearing, all-knowing (5:77)
The Wise (34:2)
The Forgiving (34:3)
The Bountiful (27:41)
The Loving (11:91)
The Creator, the Maker (59:25)
The high, the Great (2:256)
The Holy (10:69)
The Lord of all praise, Owner of all glory (31:13)
The One, the Supreme (39:5)
Who is free from all wants (64:7)?
Begets none and is begotten by no one, and has none as His equal (112:4-5)
Who guides men 10:36, 33:5)?
Hear prayers (2:187)
Speaks to such of them as fulfil His covenant (3:77& 42:52)
Punishes the transgressors (48:18)
Reward those who do good (6:84)
Love those who do good (2:196)
Our attitude towards Him has to be that of complete submission (3:20)
Allah has created all men from the same stock (4:2)
Allah has divided them into different groups so that they may know one another, and that the best among them is he who best performs his duty (49:14)
Allah has given us detailed instructions as to
How we should treat our parents ( 17:24-25)
Our near and dear, neighbours, orphans and the downtrodden (4:37)
Our Wives (2:188,4:20)
Our Children (6:153)
Our Widows (4:20)
Our enemies (5:9)
Our companions (24:61, 58:12)
Allah tells us:
To be truthful (9:120)
To shun lies (22:31)
Not to commit adultery (17:33)
Not to commit theft (5:39)
Not to commit Murder (6:152)
Not to commit breach of trust ( 8:28)
Not to be dishonest (8:59)
To keep away from all that is vain (23:3)
To fulfil our covenants (5:2)
To strive for increased knowledge (20:115)
To do justice (4:59)
To be benevolent (16:91)
To be steadfast (3:201)
To be thankful (39:67)
To admonish others to do good (16:126)
Not to preach that we DO NOT practice (61:3)
Not to be haughty and vainglorious ( 4:37)
To be neither miserly nor spendthrift ( 17:30)
To be humble (25:64)
To speak kindly (2:84)
To suppress our rage and forgive people (3:135)
To repay evil with good (13:23)
To be united (3:103)
To DO NOT backbite (103:2)
To spend wealth for the cause of Allah (2:262)
To spend wealth for the poor and needy (2:272)
Not to ridicule one another or call names (49:12)
To fear none but Allah (2:41)
To eat pure things (2:169)
To remain clean (2:223 & 74:6)
Allah further says:
All your deeds, even if they are as minor as an iota, must visit on you (99:8-9)
That all that is on the earth carries the seed of destruction (55:27)
That the haven and earth have not been created in vain (38:28)
That just as He started the cycle of creation so shall He reverse it (21:104)
He, who created you the first time, will again raise you to life (17:52 & 19:67)
The fact that you cannot conquer death shows that there is a purpose in it (56:88) etc. etc.
We are not to live longer
Start living by Qur’an, the only perfect and detailed book of guidance on earth.
Please remember
ISLAM  is not a new religion and Qur’an is not the first book of Islam. The only religion prescribed for the mankind and carried forward by Hadrat Abraham  (peace be upon him) is ISLAM. Qur’an is the last and final book in the series of Divine Books.
Non-Muslim descendents of Adam (as) may also update their faith and follow the latest version of Divine laws.

Muhammad Latif Chaudhery
Student of Quran
             When I ask many christians; whom do you worship? They say God. If I persist and ask; which god ? I am looked at as if I am an idiot. And I get the answer: How do you mean which God? Just God.
             I get the feeling that many Christians are not sure whether they should worship the Father Yahweh, the Son Jesus, or even the Holy Spirit the Comforter.Some say they worship a Trium God, a Trinity, a three in one God, but all cannot be right.
              There is only one true God Who gave the commandment that "Thou shalt have no other God before Me" He also said "I am a jealous God". It is therefore very important that we worship the God we intend to worship. For there are as many gods as there are religions, and as many variations of each god as there are demominations.
              Your opinions please.
« Last post by Andre on September 16, 2012, 08:46:30 PM »
Dear  Shaktileela,
                          Islam was started by the prophet Mohammed about 622 A,D. The prophet Mohammed was born in Mecca Saudi Aradia about 570 C.E.  The information you seek can be had from the internet by using one of the many search engines. You can enter Islam or the prophet Mohammed and I am sure that you will recieve  a wealth of infromation which should answer your question
Faith / Re: faith needed
« Last post by Andre on September 15, 2012, 01:36:44 AM »
Mankind has always needed something to believe in other than himself. From the dawn of creation man has sought a god to worship. He has worshiped objects in nature such as the moon , sun , stars or he has made images of what he believe his god should look like. He needs to trust in someone or something that he feels is more powerful than himself.Knowing that others need this faith/belief some have sought to abuse their follow man by making themselves gods or pretending to represent some god.What ever the case ,however ,when we are at our lowest points in life we need something to believe in to give us hope.
« Last post by shaktileela1000 on August 24, 2012, 06:22:53 PM »
Dear all,
 Is it true that islam came out of Hinduism? If so what is the documented evidence.
2, Is shaktism practiced in Islam? These are quesions that  need an answers.
Kindest regards
Faith / Re: faith needed
« Last post by laurent on July 28, 2011, 02:24:38 PM »
But shouldn't one find one's own way, rather than rely on blind trust and adopt someone else's beliefs? Yes in modern life you will need to take some time aside and think about what you do and why. I think that it is essential that you do. Whether or not you have faith. But why do you need the faith? It seems counterproductive to me, like a pre-packaged belief system you can just unwrap and adopt as your own. No thinking necessary and no need to question yourself or anything. Too easy! :)
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