Author Topic: Is there really a Devil ( Satan , Beelzebub)?  (Read 4609 times)

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Is there really a Devil ( Satan , Beelzebub)?
« on: September 26, 2012, 12:03:04 AM »
Many people are obsessed with Satan,while others doubt his exsistance. If we are to believe the horror movies or the ghost stories,he is a being that lives in the shadows. His followers are werewolves , vampiers,goblins and other such vile creatures. However people do not crave for repulsive things (normally). People usually seek that which are beautiful or expensive.The idea that Satan is repulsive is a ploy  use by Satan to fool people.Envy, murder, strife and wars are caused by man's desire to posses power, things of beauty,wealth and fame. We need to stop seeking Satan in the dark for the Bible tells us that he was beautiful angel and he uses thing things of beauty to lead humans astray. Is there really a being called Satan or is it man's greed that is causing all the strife , wars and hurt in this world. If there is good then there is evil. If there is a God there should be a devil.